The ideal candidate for our courses is an aspirant designer who has a desire to produce their own garments and specialise in garment construction and pattern making. With the resurging growth in the manufacturing sector in South Africa it has been recognised that there is a large demand for skills trained professionals in this sector.


- Garment Technologist

- Entrepreneur

- Designer Assistant

- Wardrobe Assistant in the film industry

- Pattern maker

- Seamstress

- Fashion Assistant in the editorial sector

- Stylist



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Graduating in 2018, Malusi has become a prominent member of the South African fashion industry. His brand House of Lefane offers artistic tailoring and ready to wear inspired by Africa.

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Nazare, who graduated from The Fashion Institute in 2018 is a leading fashion entrepreneur in Angola. She designs bespoke and occasional wear pieces under her brand NazaDias Couture.

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Since graduating from The Fashion Institute in 2020, Thandi  has begun a highly successful initiative that manufactures tracksuits for schools in both the Eastern and Western Cape, as well as making occasional wear within her community. 

Graduating in 2019, Paul launched his brand A.YO a year later. This streetwear brand is making waves in Cape Town with his modern interpretation of African culture.

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Naomi graduated from our inaugural class in 2017. She has since begun a highly successful business within her community designing menswear, womenswear and children's wear.

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Shelby, having graduated in 2018 has moved back to home country Angola. Specializing in conceptual design, she showcased a collection at Angola Fashion Week in 2020 under her label MUKTI Garments.